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The fast way to prepare for your B-BBEE Audit: A guide for South African businesses

There’s a ‘fast’ way to prepare for your B-BBEE Audit that is really the slow way in disguise. Too often, the verification deadline looms and then it’s all hands on deck, scrambling to get all the relevant data and documents in order. It’s a wild rush, everyone has to stop doing their ordinary jobs and try to get on top of where the company is exactly in terms of its B-BBEE Scorecard.

But then, it’s an ironic fact of life that to really get something done quickly, you need to plan well in advance. Preparing for a B-BBEE Audit is no exception. With the right strategy and processes in place, getting ready for B-BBEE verification becomes remarkably simple and efficient. 

Assign B-BBBEE roles proactively

Who, in your organization, is ultimately responsible for managing B-BBEE, and what is their precise mandate? These questions need to be carefully addressed from the outset. In larger firms, there may be a specialist transformation manager overseeing the B-BBEE process. However, in smaller companies, there is the risk that duties are assigned on an ad hoc basis, with a systematic sense of the business’s goals. 

No less importantly, you need to ensure there are clear lines of communication at all levels. Every responsible employee needs to understand what information and supporting documentation they need to provide and have a clear sense of timelines. In addition, you need a system to track what information has been provided, and by whom, and what remains outstanding.

Specialised B-BBEE workflow technology will make the process easier to manage and ensure more open and effective communication. 

A documentation storage solution that is fit for purpose

Of course, even the most efficient team will be hampered by outdated tools. If your staff are wading through piles of paper documents and cross-referencing old files, getting all the required data in order will inevitably take time.

The first step, therefore, is always to ensure all documentation is already stored in a secure and efficient format, ready for processing.

Don’t wait, automate

You’ve sourced the data, you have all the files you need at your fingertips… now for the arduous and time-consuming task of creating verification spreadsheets, in the format required by the verification agency. Or you could simply use the BEE123 Verification tool. With a single click, the Verification tool generates the verification spreadsheets populated with all the data that your verification agency needs to conduct the B-BBEE Audit.

Anticipate delays with expert advice

Ultimately, there’s no substitute for experienced B-BBEE specialists who will provide strategic guidance, ensure your compliance processes are optimal and give you all the advice you need to efficiently prepare for your B-BBEE Audit. 

BEE123 provides an integrated B-BBEE compliance solution that combines industry-leading B-BBEE software and subject matter expertise. We provide the knowledge and digital tools you need to take advantage of B-BBEE to realise your business goals and make a real social impact in South Africa. 

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