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Why Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD)?

As the backbone of the South African economy, small businesses are critical drivers of employment and growth. The Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) element of the B-BBEE Scorecard is designed to facilitate the support, development and growth of small Black-owned business, to help them to operate more sustainably and successfully.

Doing ESD right

3% of your Net Profit After Tax must be allocated to this all-important element, so it’s critical to ensure:

  • that your ESD contributions are strategically aligned with both your scorecard and business objectives;
  • that your ESD is carried out properly and in line with the requirements of the Codes;
  • that beneficiaries experience the most positive impact possible; and
  • that your ultimate ESD verification is simple and risk-free.

BEE, Enterprise and Supplier Development

ESD123: an ideal Enterprise and Supplier Development solution for you

ESD123 is a smart, flexible, customised end-to-end solution that benefits both sponsor and beneficiary businesses – and has helped to grow over 100 small businesses so far.

Our approach is marked by engagement: we engage with clients, to get to grips with their strategic objectives, and we engage with SME businesses, so we genuinely understand what they do and their needs.

You decide how much you need and want to spend (ours is a scalable solution aligned to your ESD budget).

Our process incorporates a full business and systems diagnostic, based on which we compile a customised Business Bundle.

In addition, the ESD123 team can explore the market to source beneficiary businesses for you – or engage those you’ve already chosen from within your existing supply chain.

The Business Bundle

The right business tools, services and skills that can mean success or failure for a beneficiary business. We analyse the beneficiary business in order to compile a unique and customised Business Bundle that unifies the value-adding products and services needed for their capacitation.

Our menu of largely web-based elements can include:


Including a website, e-commerce functionality, an accounting system, a Customer Relationship Management system, general and niche-specific software, and directories


Book-keeping and accounting, payroll, HR, marketing, social media, community management, business gap analysis, business development, B-BBEE, admin assistance, licensing, training and support.

The bottom line

If you’re an ESD sponsor, you can benefit enormously from ESD123’s fully outsourced approach to developing and supporting Black-owned beneficiary businesses, while ensuring scorecard points optimisation. At the same time, ESD123 is committed to meaningful development for beneficiaries, in ways that have real impact.


It’s Unlike Any Other ESD programme.

It’s So Much Better.

Here’s why: It’s a targeted, strategic solution designed to make the greatest impact and produce the highest return on your ESD investment.

We conduct a Structured Beneficiary Business Analysis; carefully analysing each business’s strategic and operational requirements in order to develop appropriately synergistic beneficiaries and chart a strategy for growth.

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Hands-on strategic assessment

The ESD123 analysis is hands-on, fully engaging with the beneficiary business to understand its current performance and its goals. The analysis begins with a site visit. We carefully assess the company’s operations and current business position. Building on our analysis, we establish a growth target for the beneficiary business and set a benchmark for impact reporting.

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Results-driven outcomes

Setting a baseline for reporting takes the guesswork out of ESD initiatives. We follow a results-driven approach that ensures we achieve successful and sustainable outcomes for beneficiaries. That also means you can more effectively quantify the return on your investment.

Bespoke solutions, informed by data

Based on a careful analysis, we customise a solution designed to meet the goals of the beneficiary and the corporate sponsor. We analyse where the business is currently and where it wants to be. And we create a bespoke programme to supply the tools, knowledge and assistance the beneficiary needs to reach those goals.

Based on our assessment, we supply the assets, funding and services each beneficiary needs to thrive. These may include:

Operational assets

machinery and equipment


capital investment
working capital


accounting, payroll & HR software
website design and hosting
e-commerce functionality
CRM systems
sector-specific software


book-keeping and accounting
marketing, social media, and community management
business gap analysis
business development
licensing, training, and support

Apply to become an ESD Beneficiary

Are you a +51% black-owned business with a turnover of less than R50 million? Let us engage with you to understand if there’s an opportunity to join our ESD program as a beneficiary.

Max. file size: 10 MB.
Max. file size: 10 MB.

By clicking the Submit button, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, accepted, and agree to be bound by the terms of BEE123's Beneficiary Program Application, which terms are incorporated herein by this reference.

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