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Uniting leading-edge technology & expert advice into an end-to-end solution, enabling your organisation to achieve true B-BBEE compliance.

BEE123 makes transformation manageable for HR, finance, transformation and executive managers.

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Results that reinforce your business’ strategic intent. Results that are seriously impactful.

The world of B-BBEE can feel difficult, complex or even intimidating. You’ll feel liberated by the many ways BEE123 makes the process simpler – from implementation and planning to practical management and verification support.

Rely on BEE123 to help you achieve all-important B-BBEE compliance, and to have a meaningful impact on economic transformation.

Our market-leading solution has been trusted by hundreds of South African businesses for over a decade. What’s more, we walk our talk: BEE123 is proud to be a 65% Black-Owned Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.


BEE123 offers a range of Solutions across the Scorecard

To deliver strategic value and impact, we assist with conceptualising and implementing B-BBEE programmes and initiatives.

BEE Software + Advisory

It’s not just software and it’s not just consulting. It’s both, with reliable systems and valuable data combined with human intelligence and subject matter expertise to give you the best results.

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Smart, customised and impactful solutions for Enterprise and Supplier Development. ESD123 ensures benefit for both sponsor and beneficiary businesses.

Skills Development

Seamless outsourced solutions that brings together strategic impact, cost-effectiveness, and implementation for your Skills programmes, whilst structured to optimise costs via tax incentives and rebates.

Youth Employment Service

For impact, compliance and completion, YES123 provides a full offering for end-to-end YES programme facilitation, administration and management.

SED123 Book cover - SED123 - Socio-Economic Development Initiatives - bee 123

Socio Economic Development

Participate in our seamless outsourced Socio Economic Development solution, with our flagship Schools’ Capacitation Initiative, offering impact from the very first Rand.

Trusted by hundreds of South Africa’s leading organisations

Moving from 1 through 2 to 3 is a journey. It’s smooth. Streamlined.

Simplified, but not simplistic. In fact, it’s a path characterised by structure, transparency, and always knowing where you’ll end up. At BEE123, we’re with you on your transformation journey.

BEE123 is driven by three central tenets:


Technology is our foundation. It’s where BEE123 began, and how we started the process of mastering the ins and outs of B-BBEE in South Africa. Our industry-leading software enables our clients to access insights and intelligence and drives efficiencies, at the literal touch of a button.


Software becomes meaningful when applied by, and to, people. And this is where our shared calling comes in. BEE123 is known as a company of passionate and unified teams; each team, a collective of skilled individuals. We think of people in three contexts: Our Own, Our Clients, Society.


We’ve found, ultimately, that when the tech and the people come together, the result is impact: upliftment, empowerment, and economic transformation. What we do with our clients matters; it makes a real difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans.

It’s not just Software and it’s not just Consulting.

It’s both, with reliable systems and valuable data combined with human intelligence and subject matter expertise to give you the best results.
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In the words of our people


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