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Invest in SA’s future: help solve the youth unemployment crisis,
whilst boosting your B-BBEE Scorecard

What’s the Youth Employment Service (YES) ?

Our country’s persistently high youth unemployment rate has long been one of our most pressing socio-economic problems. Notwithstanding the central role that youth play in an economy, South African youth are the most affected by joblessness.

Youth Employment Service (YES) is a public-private collaboration that looks for ways to give youth a first chance in the form of a 12-month quality work experience.

Doing YES right

Implementing a YES programme in your organisation can gain you as much as two levels on your B-BBEE Scorecard.

Not a couple of points. Two levels. This is particularly useful if you’ve already maxed out your scorecard in other areas.

It’s essential to ensure that the correct targets are achieved and that your YES programme is run properly and in alignment with the Codes, with all the necessary paperwork in order.

YES123: an ideal YES solution for you

YES123 is about compliance, completion and impact, in the form of a complete product that offers end-to-end YES programme facilitation, administration and management. It’s a seamless outsourced solution, and it can be purchased as a stand-alone offering, whether or not you’re using our core software.

Here’s why clients come to rely on YES123:
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It’s a solution you can trust.

We’ll crunch the numbers for you and calculate how many YES youth you will need on your program, and the costs involved. Make your decision based on actual figures, not assumptions.

It offers a range of choices

We offer multiple options to meet your needs, whether internally or externally hosted. This includes streams for capacitating youth for future employment.

You get immediate benefits

You get the B-BBEE benefit immediately at your next verification, regardless of where you are in your current financial year. We can also implement, within very limited time frames if needed, due to our existing databases and partnerships.

It’s verification made simple

We handle all the paperwork for you. Our completely hassle-free-yet-comprehensive process gives you the peace of mind that you’re fully compliant with legislation and B-BBEE requirements. You’ll receive a pack that is ready for audit, making verification simple.

We build robust networks

Our clients benefit from our strong long-term relationships with the operational team at YES, the Department of Trade Industry and Competition (DTIC) and numerous service providers in the space.

De-risk your YES programme

Given the enormous up-side and the way YES is structured, there is a risk, that something small falls through the cracks, your entire programme is voided, and your whole benefit lost. YES123 is designed to prevent this.


Menu of services

Bespoke programme design

Recruitment of suitable YES youth candidates

Hosting facilitation by an appropriate third-party

Job-specific training and work readiness programmes

Oversight, reporting and feedback

Administration: registration assistance and verification pack compilation

Payroll management and administration

Tax incentive optimisation and assistance

The BEE123 Software System includes features and functionality to
systematically forecast, track and manage your YES programme:

YES Calculator

Sub-Minimum Threshold Tracking

YES Youth Categorisation

Skills Development Functionality

The bottom line

As a result of our vast B-BBEE experience, we know all the intricacies involved in leveraging the many YES benefits to build a stronger talent pipeline, while fostering long-term national socio-economic stability and prosperity. Let’s work on it together.

In the words of our people


YES please!

Get in touch with one of our experts who will help you transform your B-BBEE and Employment Equity journey.

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