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Software and consulting combined,
for Employment Equity compliance

We don’t see a compliance burden. We see opportunity.

The journey from current to future state is about more than complying with the letter of the law. It’s about creating real change that brings us all closer to the inclusive, equitable future South Africa deserves.

Employment Equity Legislation

Getting up to speed on compliance rules

Employment Equity compliance is complex. Getting it right takes long-term planning and goal setting. It calls for reporting on employee representation, demographics and remuneration. It also requires operational EE committees, training and numerous policies and procedures that need to be put in place, not to mention the severe penalties for non-compliance.

With the imminent amendments, the legal landscape is changing, and companies need to adapt. There are many questions that companies must now be ready to answer: some you’ve already thought of, and some you probably haven’t.

From Current to Compliant

The obstacles to achieving compliance

You know your business, and you know what it needs from the point of view of growth. But you probably don’t know Employment Equity compliance quite as well. After all, the process of reaching compliance can be a grueling, admin intensive journey that most companies simply cannot manage on their own. But it’s also a process with extremely high stakes: the penalties for failing to comply are severe. For many, the solution is to outsource it all and hope for the best.

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How we help

Future-proofing your employment equity compliance profile

EE123 is where revolutionary tech and human excellence meet: a comprehensive solution led by subject matter experts, and underpinned by best-in-class software.


Our platform is made to do the heavy lifting: import and store data in a POPI compliant environment, conduct scenario planning and goal setting, compile correctly formatted reports and manage your compliance efforts from within one easyto-use dashboard. Out with the spreadsheets, in with smooth, reliable automation and dedicated technical support.

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An expert Consultant is included as a central component of our solution, and will oversee the process from start to finish. From auditing your current state, conducting training, collaboratively planning and goal setting, through to facilitating quarterly meetings and ultimately reporting, we’re ready to streamline compliance, end-to-end.

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Employment equity compliance, made simple

As you can probably tell by now, we’re passionate about people and transformation. But we also believe in using the power of technology to automate, declutter and clarify the process of achieving compliance for our clients. How? By upgrading you from spreadsheets and manual data management to a transparent, integrated digital platform with critical compliance functionalities.

Intuitive interface
Intuitive interface

Our system provides a clear picture of your business, including staff composition and remuneration structure. At any given point, you can use this data to measure your current state against your transformation objectives.

crunch the numbers
Crunch the numbers

One data upload, limitless possibilities. Once your data is housed in EE123, generating comprehensive reports is straightforward, with all the relevant calculations taken care of and made available at the click of a button.

Get submission and audit ready

Compiling the relevant EE Forms is complex and finicky. Additionally, in the event of a Department of Labour inspection, companies need to be able to produce the right records, in the desired format. Our platform puts the data at your fingertips, organized in the right way.


Store, index and curate all employee data inside a single, secure system.
Use targeted access controls to protect sensitive data.
Increase transparency, remove human dependency.


See your staff composition graphically, with a single click.
Planning, target and goal setting made easy
Instantly calculate income differentials.


Generate all relevant EE reports in preferred formats.
Generate meeting minutes instantly.
Demonstrate progress against your transformation plan to satisfy inspectors.

Expert Consulting

With you, Every step of the way.

While EE123 software runs in the background, an experienced Employment Equity consultant provides your business with critical training and support. Relying on their rich experience and deep knowledge, our subject matter experts guide businesses and their people along the journey from start to finish.

ee committee election and capacitation
Desktop Audit

Assessing your current state against relevant compliance regulations.

strategic engagement
Strategic Engagement

A strategic session with HR managers, MDs or executives.

ee manager appointment
EE Manager Appointment

Guidance on appointing your EE Manager in terms of the Employment Equity Act.

review of occupational level categorization
Review of Occupational Level Categorization

A high level review to check the accuracy of employee categorization.

staff awareness training
Staff Awareness Training

Ensuring that all staff understand how employment equity works.

ee goal setting and barrier analysis
EE Goal Setting and Barrier Analysis

Collaborative goal setting and examination of barriers to progress.

ee committee election and capacitation
EE Committee Election and Capacitation

Enabling the committee with a project plan and constitutional review. Helping you to build an EE committee with adequate representation.

quarterly committee meetings
Quarterly Committee Meetings

Guiding quarterly committee meetings for planning, execution, smooth running and documentation.

ee submissions to DoEL
EE Submissions to DoEL

Capturing your EEA2 and EEA4 reports into the DoEL Portal in preparation for your annual submissions.

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