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Uniting leading-edge technology and expert advice into an end-to-end Solution

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The best software, with the right advice

This is where software and advisory come together, forming the union that makes the BEE123 solution so unique.

The BEE123 B-BBEE Management Solution makes B-BBEE easy to understand, plan, assess and implement.
It has technology at its core, but its greatest value lies in being paired with our extraordinary advisory offering, as a truly holistic solution. Clients have told us that it’s not only the unique features of the B-BBEE Management Solution, but the whole experience of using it, that makes it superior. Because we understand that B-BBEE is complex, companies can access the support they need to handle B-BBEE compliance in a proactive and strategic way, in line with the latest legislative requirements.

End-to-end B-BBEE Management Solution


B-BBEE Management Software

BEE Management Software

System Training & Implementation Support

B-BBEE Management Software

B-BBEE Advisory

BEE Management Software

Implementation, Plan, Design & Execution

B-BBEE Management Software

Implementation Training & Support

B-BBEE Advisory Services

Implementation, Plan, Design & Execution

B-BBEE Management Software

This is it: The online software solution your organisation needs to manage your B-BBEE simply and strategically.
We know because we developed it and it’s grown into South Africa’s market-leading B-BBEE solution.

B-BBEE Management Software
B-BBEE Management Software

Visualise, for example, automating huge chunks of your B-BBEE workflow, enabling easy collaboration within teams, and creating real efficiencies.

Consider that all your data could be easily accessed by authorised individuals, and kept up to date with the latest legislation, via our secure and POPI-compliant web-based platform.

Imagine your B-BBEE decision-making becoming more strategic, with reliable data and powerful reporting to support your business choices. With BEE123, it’s all possible.

Scorecard Software

Features and functionality that will revolutionize your B-BBEE.

Scorecard Calculator

Calculating and understanding one’s B-BBEE score prior to audit is essential. With the BEE123 Scorecard Calculator this becomes easy. Simply enter a few numbers and the software will do the rest.

Scenario Planning Tool

Prior to making any business decisions, the Scenario Planning Tool will quantify exactly how your B-BBEE Score will be affected should you take such steps.

Gap Analysis & Own Target Set

Gap Analysis and Own Target Set measures performance relative to specified targets (either those per the Codes or your Own) and highlights shortfalls or over-performance. In addition, it converts complex percentage targets into practical measurement indicators such as Rand Values or headcount targets.

Scorecard Compare

The Scorecard Compare feature allows users to compare the current scorecard with prior year results or even scorecards across divisions, on a side-by-side basis. This allows you to easily assess and track change, movement and progress made on your B-BBEE Scorecard.

Year-End Rollover

When creating a new scorecard, you can now select to Rollover data from an existing scorecard. This function will pre-populate your new scorecard with the relevant data that remains unchanged (i.e. ownership and management control), thereby ensuring an easy transition from one verification period to the next without the need to recapture from scratch every year.

Document Management

Getting your file ready for your B-BBEE audit needn’t be a daunting task. Collate and store all the required supporting documentation with our Online Document Management System. No more paper based BEE files!

Verification Pack

At the touch of a button, the Verification tool generates the verification spreadsheets, fully populated with all of your relevant data that your verification agency will require to conduct the B-BBEE Audit. This saves administration time and resources.

Consolidation Tool

The BEE123 Consolidation Tool allows for the consolidation of multiple entities or divisional scorecards, thereby ensuring that B-BBEE performance can be assessed at an individual or group level. The BEE123 Consolidation Tool has a sophisticated rule selection functionality, allowing for customised consolidation, catering to any group structure inclusive of cross sector consolidation, at the click of a button.

Cloud Based Solution

Seamlessly and securely connect to the BEE123 system via the Internet.

  • No installation hassles
  • No manual upgrades
  • DTI updates and legislative amendments, latest EAP Figures as soon as they are published

Information Security

Sensitive user information is encrypted when stored on the BEE123 database, ensuring that this data cannot be viewed by unauthorised individuals. The implementation of the latest security and authorisation capabilities endorsed by Microsoft, ensures that the BEE123 system has a powerful identity management system. Authentication occurs over SSL and is token-based. User Management allows you to control and specify what access the additional users will have.

Integration & API

Much of your relevant B-BBEE data will already be housed in another system (e.g. your accounting or payroll & HR systems). Moving this data across into BEE123 becomes easy with our Integration technology. In basic terms, APIs allow applications to communicate with one another – APIs define the rules that programmers must follow in order to interact with BEE123.

User Access System

The User Management System allows you to control and specify what access to the BEE123 system your users will have, truly ensuring the segmentation and protection of sensitive information.

Task Management

Our notes function serves to create a Task Management Functionality whereby tasks can be assigned to users. This creates a complete overview of what needs to be done, by when and by whom, not only ensuring that you are on top of things, but that users are accountable to deliver.

Information Capture Sheets

For B-BBEE audit purposes, granular level information is required to be provided. Simply capture your BEE activities and interventions directly into the BEE123 Software and this information will automatically be consolidated, tabulated and fed directly into the Scorecard Calculator.

YES Management Tool

The BEE123 System has been enhanced with new features and functionality to systematically forecast, track and manage your YES Programs, including YES target calculations and prerequisite tracking throughout the year.

Group Data Management Module

The Group Data Management Module allows for the flow of data relating to interventions that are recorded at Head Office or Group level, but which need to be allocated to Subsidiary scorecards.

Resources & Templates

Our Templates section houses a repository of prerequisite templates that need to be in place for your B-BBEE audit.

Knowledge Centre

The BEE123 Knowledge Centre explains B-BBEE concepts, terminology and formula in simple English, with plenty of practical tips, tricks and guidance.

Latest B-BBEE News and Legislation

Keep abreast of the latest news and developments in the B-BBEE space via our news section sourced from a variety of third party content providers. Access all B-BBEE legislation in one place, at the click of a button.

What's New

The BEE123 What’s New section keeps you up-to-date with the latest enhancements and changes to the BEE123 software system. The BEE123 What’s New section keeps you up-to-date with the latest enhancements and changes to the BEE123 software system.

Advanced Supplier Management Module

The Advanced Supplier Management Module provides a fully curated, intelligent certificate management solution,
using the best of technology and human intervention

B-BBEE Management Software

We all know how laborious and admin intensive managing the Preferential Procurement element can be. The Advanced Supplier Management Module provides a fully curated, intelligent BEE certificate management solution, using the best of technology and human intervention:

  • Linkages into our Database of more than 50,000 current B-BBEE certificates and affidavits,
  • Smart technology to automate the collection and capture of your suppliers’ B-BBEE certificates with intelligence and optimisation,
  • Interactive dashboarding and functionality for deep and informative analytics of your suppliers and procurement,
  • Assignment of a Data Administrator to obtain and capture any of your outstanding certificates, with regular reporting and feedback provided.

Interactive Dashboards and Performance Reporting

Because knowledge is power, our Interactive Dashboards and Reporting allows you to gain real-time insight into your company’s Scorecard performance.

Interactive Dashboards

The Dashboard provides a live and real-time summary of your current B-BBEE scorecard achievements in the form of graphs and tables. This serves to create a very practical and visual overview of your B-BBEE achievement.

Reporting Tool

Our Reporting Tool allows you to graphically depict your B-BBEE compliance across a variety of graphs, charts and tables, serving as an invaluable aid for reporting to management and visually assessing your B-BBEE achievement.

Statutory JSE Reporting Tool

The BEE123 system generates the B-BBEE Commissioner’s Statutory Report for JSE listed companies – saving weeks’ worth of effort and stress – all at a click of a button!

B-BBEE Advisory Services

Our solution is elevated to the next level with our BEE123 Advisory Services. Our team of expert BEE consultants walk  the journey with our clients from start to finish, to ensure your organisation achieves true compliance – in a cost-effective, strategic and impactful manner.

Our turnkey software solution includes:

Codes Training

Regularly hosted, comprehensive training comprising a theoretical component where we unpack and explain the B-BBEE Codes.

Strategic B-BBEE planning

An initial comprehensive consultation session with our expert B-BBEE consultants will unpack and explain the Revised Codes, apply them in a practical fashion to your business (across all scorecard elements) to understand its impact on your Score, and then together devise an appropriate strategy. The outcome being a comprehensive strategic plan to serve as your B-BBEE roadmap for the year.

Regular Review Sessions

Our interim Review Sessions provide monitoring, analysis and strategic guidance at specified intervals, assisting you to ensure that your B-BBEE strategy, scoring and implementation is on track.

Verification Support: Pre, During & Post-Audit

A BEE123 Advisor will review your B-BBEE audit file prior to your submission to your verification agency or auditor, thereby ensuring the best possible results and maximised scoring potential.  During the audit, we’re here to assist, support, and help you along the way.

Post-audit advice will be provided to you regarding any appeals you may wish to make on your preliminary rating, thereby ensuring an accurate and optimised rating.

B-BBEE advisory desk for ad hoc queries

Our B-BBEE Online Advisory service gives you access to our expert BEE Consultants for your ongoing queries.

Implementation, Training & Support

Your success is ours, so we are staked in ensuring that your staff is fully capacitated and the software is utilised and works within your organisation.

Software Training

We ensure that all users of the BEE123 System are fully trained on its functionality and features via on-site and web-based training sessions.

System Implementation

Our specialist implementation team provides detailed software implementation, training and assistance ensuring your BEE123 Scorecard Software is fully populated with all your data transferred from your other Systems (e.g. Payroll, Finance).

Technical Support

Technical Support is provided to assist with all the technical queries that you may experience on the BEE123 system.

Data Management Assistance

Where required, our data and implementation specialists will assist in reviewing, formatting and loading any of your data into the BEE123 system.

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