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Join the SED123
School Capacitation Initiative

Earn B-BBEE points by driving tangible transformation where it’s needed most.


Our goal: enhance the schooling experience of
1 million learners

We invite you to join us and help transform education in South Africa.

Education provides the building blocks of our country’s future. But the brutal fact is that many schools lack even basic teaching materials.

The BEE123 Schools Capacitation Initiative is a targeted campaign designed to deliver high-quality learning materials to the schools and learners who need them the most.

SED123 manages the process from A to Z.

Our expert team will identify the beneficiary school, and ensure learners receive a direct benefit.


Education with Impact

The Schools Capacitation Initiative equips learners with core skills which can be applied later in life to participate more meaningfully in the economy and flourish


Connect with qualifying schools

SED123 has identified schools that urgently need assistance. Alternatively, you can nominate a qualifying school as a beneficiary.


Complete logistics solution

SED123 manages the entire project. We engage with the schools to carefully assess each school’s needs to order and deliver the appropriate books.


Flexible budgeting options

We will scale the programme to meet your SED budget exactly, for scorecard and points optimisation.


Connect with qualifying schools

SED123 has identified schools that urgently need assistance. Alternatively, you can nominate a qualifying school as a beneficiary.


Handover & PR opportunities

We can arrange a formal handover to the partner school or produce publicity materials showcasing your investment in education.

Quality material that recognises
learners’ potential

South Africa’s youth want to learn and thrive. They just need the right tools and support. We’ve partnered with award-winning publisher Berlut Books to provide their renowned Handbooks and Study Guides to the learners who need quality study material.

Award-winning Handbook and
Study Guide Series

Highly regarded by teachers, and sought after by pupils, for their comprehensive content and easy-to-follow format that simplifies concepts.


Overcoming the risks of SED

SED involves a considerable investment. 1% of your Net Profit After Tax must be dedicated to the SED element of your Scorecard. Businesses need a solution that guarantees the greatest social impact and maximises the B-BBEE benefit.

As a leading B-BBEE specialist, SED123 has the experience and expertise to ensure your verification is simple, seamless and risk-free. We have worked diligently with our partners to identify recipients who will most directly benefit, and carefully designed social initiatives with a proven track record of social impact.

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an impact?

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