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Software specially designed for B-BBEE Verification Agencies from South Africa’s leading developer of B-BBEE technology

BEE verification software
BEE verification software

Verification is complex,
precise and demanding.

Do you have the right technology for the job?

Running a successful B-BBEE Verification Agency is a complex operation. Effective, custom-designed Verification automation is a game-changer.

Your clients are turning to advanced technologies that automate manual tasks and produce reams of data. So why are you still relying on clunky, inefficient legacy software?

BEE123’s end-to-end software for Verification Agencies is specially designed to meet the demands of Verification work in the digital age.

Don’t get trapped by legacy systems.

We make upgrading simple, easy and fast

Many Verification Agencies are reluctant to change to better, faster, more efficient software. Adapting to new systems is often daunting. But BEE123’s integrated solution makes the whole process simple and seamless.

We offer support, training and ongoing guidance. Our team doesn’t show you how to use our powerful technology; we work with you to ensure you get the most out of our specialised Verification software.

B-BBEE Management Software

A cloud-based service that digitally transforms the Verification process



Our web-based platform can be securely accessed from any location, making it convenient and flexible for agencies and clients.



Our software spans the entire verification process, from planning through management to tracking and reporting.

B-BBEE Management Software, bee verification software


Our cloud platform is automatically updated with the latest legislative changes and amendments, practice notes, and interpretations.



The real-time management system makes performing audits much simpler and faster. Plus, the system provides all the guidance and insight you need to navigate the process.

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Secure, Reliable
and Transparent

In the rigorous compliance space, convenience can never come at the cost of security. BEE123 automation software enhances efficiency, improves transparency and provides watertight security.

Our cloud-based system improves workflow, wherever your employees are located, to ensure the highest quality of work.

Smart user allocation

Access is segmented, ensuring that whoever is assigned to perform verifications has the necessary qualifications and skill set. The system aligns pipeline management and task allocation with analysts’ capacity to enhance overall workflow and manage output.

Visibility and integrity

Users can see what is happening in real-time, on a need-to-know basis. Reporting and tracking minimise the risk of data or procedural manipulation.

Up-to-the-minute security

Our software meets the highest international security standards. Our technology also complies with all relevant local protocols, including the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Digital data storage

Client information and records are securely stored, according to compliance protocols, and easy to access.

Embrace the Future of Verification

BEE123 is already trusted by hundreds of leading South African businesses to help them enhance their B-BBEE compliance. Now Verification Agencies can enjoy the same enhanced efficiency, transparency and cost savings with BEE123 for Verification Agencies.

Get in touch with BEE123 to transform the way you manage the Verification process.

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