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SED Directory

Organisations that support Socio-Economic Development

SED Directory

The SED Directory contains a list of organisations that support Socio-Economic Development, thereby simplifying the process of identifying qualifying organisations while ensuring that BEE points are earned.

Send us an email to have your SED organisation listed on our directory.


Expired Certificates: While we endeavour to ensure that all published BEE certificates are current, The BEE123 Socio Economic Development Directory may nonetheless still publish expired BEE certificates of SED support organisations and beneficiaries. The reason for this is that when calculating scores under the SED element, an expired BEE certificate of an SED support organisation or beneficiary may still be utilised for these purposes if the BEE certificate in question was valid during the selected verification period of the measured entity.

Disclaimer: The information published on the Socio Economic Development Directory is as provided to BEE123. Users are responsible for independently verifying the veracity of such information and BEE123 shall accordingly have no liability whatsoever in relation to same.