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Training solutions that deliver strategic value, whilst providing impact

Why Skills Development (SD)?

A skilled workforce is a critical component of any successful economy. The challenge we face is that the South African workplace and labour market are plagued by a lack of experience and applicants without the required hard skills.

Skills Development is a priority element, in terms of national importance and the B-BBEE scorecard. This element of the B-BBEE Scorecard is designed to facilitate training, development and capacitation. Did you know that failing to achieve a sub-minimum for this important element leads to a discounting of one whole level?

Doing Skills Development right

When it comes to Skills Development, there are several elements to consider, including in-house capacitation, individual upliftment, societal upliftment, and compliance with legislation. But in practice, these can be complex to achieve.

In addition, ever-changing legislation, tax relief and product offerings from service providers increase the complexity and, between SETA submissions, learner agreements, feedback, and reporting, it can be hard for companies to maintain momentum.

Do you or your team have the knowledge and project management expertise needed to maximise SD points on your B-BBEE scorecard, maintaining compliance, while upskilling people at the same time?


Skills123: an ideal Skills solution for you

Skills123 is about bringing together strategic impact, cost-effectiveness, and implementation – to achieve full alignment with the B-BBEE scorecard, while structuring Skills programmes to optimise costs via tax incentives and rebates. It’s a seamless outsourced solution, and it can be purchased as a stand-alone offering, whether or not you’re using our core software.

Here’s why our clients have come to rely on Skills123:

  • We’re specialists in Skills Development capacitation that’s aligned to the Codes.
  • When Skills123 has sight of your whole scorecard, we can give holistic and strategic advice that takes into account all the other things you might be doing.
  • We can conceive your entire SD initiative and then implement it – or just oversee our implementation for you. Either way, we tackle all the red tape and present you with a pack that’s ready for audit.
  • Skills123 is not the training provider but the facilitator. Through our network of vetted and credible partners so we’re able to source the appropriate solution for you based on your specific needs.
  • You don’t pay additional fees for our SD services unless expressly stated, so there’s no diminishing of your budget, and you get the extra layer of support, oversight and advice from subject matter experts who have experience in a broad range of sectors.

Doing Skills Development right - SKILLS123 - bee 123
Training solutions that deliver strategic value, whilst providing impact - SKILLS123 - bee 123

Multiple skills development solutions

Skills123 assists with training across all components of the Skills Development Scorecard and sector-specific scorecards. Whether you want a more standardised programme or cutting-edge training products, we facilitate a variety of options.


Disabled learnerships with absorption solutions
Fully online learnerships
Unemployed learnerships

Accredited Training

Skills programmes
Apprenticeship programmes for internal employees
Financial literacy (consumer education)


Bursary management systems

Bursary solutions

The bottom line

In short, because of our extensive network of partners and our exceptional expertise, you can benefit enormously from fully customised, managed, end-to-end Skills Development solutions that maximise scoring, optimise tax incentives and overall cost savings, add strategic value and achieve real development for recipients.

In the words of our people


Time to upskill?

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