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A faster, simpler, easier way to manage B-BBEE Preferential Procurement

The Preferential Procurement element of B-BBEE enables you to enhance your Scorecard while supporting and developing smaller Black Owned businesses. Supplier Development can have far-reaching benefits: not only can you directly support the Black Owned business within your value chain, you ultimately help create a more competitive and robust business environment for everyone.  

An admin-intensive process? 

However, effective Supplier Development can be very administratively demanding, especially if you have a complex supplier network. You have to identify appropriate suppliers that meet your industry needs in the right area. And then you need to verify their B-BBEE certificates (or the relevant affidavit in the case of Exempted Micro Enterprises). 

That often goes something like this: someone in your finance department has to identify and then contact the relevant person in the supplier’s office. They then need to source a valid B-BBEE certificate or applicable affidavit (often resulting in considerable delays) which are then eventually emailed back and manually processed by your team.   

It’s a slow, cumbersome and error-prone process. Often, it’s very frustrating. And when you are managing multiple suppliers, the whole thing becomes exponentially more complicated. 

But what if there were an easier way?

A searchable supplier directory, designed with B-BBEE in mind

The BEE123 Suppliers Directory provides an elegant, simple way to find B-BBEE certified businesses in the appropriate industries and locations. 

The directory is an invaluable source of potential suppliers, some of which – like small, up-and-coming businesses – are invariably under the radar. 

The directory also makes the process of sourcing certificates incredibly easy. Once you’ve found a suitable supplier, you can access their certificate at a click. Similarly, if your existing suppliers are listed in the directory, acquiring their B-BBEE certificate becomes easier than ever.

Importantly, the directory isn’t simply a static list. It’s a searchable archive that allows you to find suppliers according to BEE classification, BEE status level and detailed criteria such as businesses that are at least 30% Black Female Owned. Using the directory’s dynamic search criteria, it’s easy to make precise interventions in your supplier network. 

Data-driven strategic supplier decisions

Of course, an advanced searchable database of suppliers only really helps if you know what you’re looking for. 

That’s where BEE123 B-BBEE compliance software is so valuable. The software makes managing your B-BBEE Scorecard simple and intuitive. That includes procurement. Using the software, you can determine precisely how procurement decisions will affect your scorecard – and what interventions will best enhance your score.

A Black Empowerment specialist in your corner

BEE123 is renowned for providing high-level guidance to our clients, supported by industry-leading B-BBBEE compliance technology. 

However, our advisory support doesn’t stop at complex regulatory issues and strategic questions. Our team is on hand to help with the practical work of reaching your B-BBEE goals.  As required, we will source the B-BBEE certificates and other supporting material you need. Effectively outsourcing some of the most administratively-demanding aspects of managing B-BBEE to our compliance specialists. 

Get in touch with BEE123 for the guidance and full service support you need to reach your most ambitious B-BBBEE goals. 

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