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B-BEEE compliance: Balancing human intervention and technology

B-BBEE is complex but there are excellent resources you can take advantage of to simplify the compliance process. A good B-BBEE advisory service will provide strategic guidance on which B-BBBEE initiatives will best suit your business objectives. While specialised software makes B-BBBEE compliance faster and more efficient. 

But which is more important, the tech or the human insight? Actually, it’s both. That may sound like a cop out. But it points to an important, but often overlooked, insight: real value comes from using technology and human insight together, in an integrated way. Here’s why.

Ensuring you get the most out of your technology

At BEE123, we’re committed to continuously improving our industry-leading B-BBEE compliance software. But we realise that even the best tools provide limited benefit if you don’t get the most out of them. That’s why we provide comprehensive and ongoing training to all clients, to ensure all relevant users are comfortable with the software and understand how best to use the digital tools to their advantage.  

However, that’s only part of our integrated solution. Because we don’t want our clients simply to use the technology to solve existing compliance issues. Rather, our B-BBEE specialists provide strategic guidance and support that creates even greater value. That is: we provide guidance so that you can get the most out of the technology in a goal-directed way.

For example, we carefully assess your business, find areas of the B-BBEE Code where you can most successfully enhance your Scorecard and develop a map of how the software can make it easier to reach those goals.

Data and transparency for better strategic decision making

In short, professional strategic advice means you can use B-BBEE technology more effectively.

But now consider the other side of the equation. How can compliance software help you make better business decisions? 

Consider the BEE123 Scorecard Compare tool. Using Scorecard Compare, you can instantly compare your B-BBEE Scorecard with your position in the previous year. Or you can compare Scorecards across divisions in a company. It’s a rich, informative – and very easy to use – way to get the information you need to make informed decisions. You can even go further, using the BEE123 Own Target Set to measure your performance against your own benchmarks. It’s an effective and simple way to determine progress and plan accordingly.   

But how can you use all that data more effectively? Here’s where the BEE123 Scenario Planning Tool comes into play. The tool takes the guesswork out of implementing changes to your Scorecard, quantifying precisely how your score will be affected by any given intervention.

As we can see by considering just a few of the functions of BEE123’s B-BBEE management software system, technology doesn’t merely cut down on your administrative burden. It also makes your processes more transparent and provides actionable insights that can guide smarter decisions. 

B-BBEE optimisation: Get the best of both worlds

In conclusion, it’s not just a question of how good your tools are, but what you use them for. At the same time, effective technology provides the data and insight you need to make better decisions. Ultimately, it’s not technology vs human insight, but how you integrate all the resources available to you.

If you want to automate the tedious, time-consuming administrative side of B-BBEE compliance while enhancing your compliance processes, clarifying your business objectives and developing real social impact, BEE123’s integrated solution is for you.

Our advisory service consists of some of the country’s top B-BBEE specialists, and our software is industry leading. More importantly, our human insight and advanced digital tools work together to help you realise even the most complex goals. Get in touch with BEE123 for a customised B-BBEE compliance solution designed for your business.   

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