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Case Study

How BEE123 partnered with TSK Bartlett to develop strategic benchmarks and enhance compliance

A BEE123 partnership that resulted in Metair achieving B-BBEE Level 1, in a period of 3 years


TSK – Bartlett (Pty) Ltd brings more than 20 years of experience to the building industry. The company prides itself on its forward-thinking operations, developing a new generation of building contractors to the South African market.

A BEE123 partnership that resulted in Metair achieving B-BBEE Level 1, in a period of 3 years


The company is committed to driving transformation. However, there were no strategically defined B-BBEE targets, which made it difficult to follow a systemized transformation programme.

The business also lacked a system for efficiently and securely storing supporting documentation.

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Developing a more robust B-BBEE strategy, supported by clear operating procedures, BEE123 produced tangible transformation enhancement.


  1. More efficient: The verification process previously took months, involving a large amount of manual input and uncertainty. Post-implementation of BEE123’s software,  the whole verification process is finalised in a few weeks.
  2. Clearer guidance: BEE123 consultants provide guidance, ensuring the most suitable verification methodologies are followed.


The organisation was able to enhance its Scorecard by implementing two special BEE123 programmes.

  1. Skills123 – which contributed to the priority Skills Development component of the Scorecard.
  2. SED123 – which provided a structured, impactful contribution to the Socio-Economic Development element of the Scorecard.


The organisation introduced meaningful learnership programmes that helped expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organisations.

A BEE123 partnership that resulted in Metair achieving B-BBEE Level 1, in a period of 3 years



BEE123’s strategic input has led to more efficient spending toward reaching transformation goals.


The programme earned B-BBEE points and produced tangible results by also including the upskilling of employees. A great success story and an example of the kind of  impact these programmes have is when a TSK – Bartlett (Pty) Ltd foreman received formal training and support, through this programme. This foreman now runs his own TSK-Bartlett (Pty) Ltd sites knowledgeably and with as much capability and confidence as more experienced foremen in the construction industry.

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Achieving long-term success

Despite the challenges of Covid, the organisation made major progress, improving by 1 B-BBEE level.

BEE123 has now worked with the organisation for three years. We are committed to building on current success, greatly enhancing compliance in a structured, cost-effective, and strategic way.

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