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The one-click annual B-BBEE commission compliance report

At BEE123, we’re always talking about the potential of B-BEE to produce value and make a lasting social impact. We see B-BBEE as an opportunity, not simply an administrative challenge.

That said, there’s no getting around the fact that compiling your annual B-BBEE Commission compliance report is often very time-consuming and administratively demanding. 

The report serves an important function, providing the Commission with the detailed data it needs to benchmark the state of transformation in South Africa. However, precisely because the report requires such fine-grained detail, in a defthe administrative demands for companies are high.

That’s why we were so keen to develop a digital solution to the time-consuming and, frankly, dull problem of preparing your annual B-BBEE Commission Compliance Report. 

It’s a one-click solution that eliminates the tedium and frees you up to focus your valuable time on the strategic elements of B-BBEE or achieving your business goals. 

Who needs to prepare an annual B-BBEE Commission compliance report?

Regulations state that all JSE listed companies and specified government entities must submit an annual report to the Commission. 

The report must be submitted using the prescribed form, in the manner outlined by the regulations, which are updated and amended from time to time.

The power of automation

Manually assembling all the required data, and then collating this data into the prescribed format is an extremely laborious process.

However, given the rigid reporting requirements, there was no effective way to speed up the process using generic digital tools. 

BEE123’s B-BBEE compliance software was designed to manage all the manual compliance processes. Our reporting modules were built to make reporting seamless: at the click of a button, the information you need for \the B-BBEE Commission statutory report is collected, collated and properly formatted.

Automate all your B-BBEE reporting

The annual B-BBEE Commission Compliance Report may be especially administratively demanding, but it’s far from the only B-BBEE reporting requirement. 

Fortunately, BEE123’s B-BBEE software makes all your reporting functions easy.

For example, our Verification tool makes preparing for audit a breeze. With a single click, the tool generates the fully populated verification spreadsheets your verification agency will require to conduct the B-BBEE Audit.

And when reporting to stakeholders within the business, the dynamic software makes it simple to present professional reports, with detailed charts and graphs clearly illustrating the company’s B-BBEE position. 

Automation with a human touch

BEE123’s B-BBEE software makes managing your B-BBEE compliance simple and efficient. But the real benefit comes from the meeting of our powerful software with our dedicated advisory service. We’re passionate about using B-BBEE to create lasting value. Our team of experts works closely with all our clients to understand, plan and implement a strategic B-BBBE  plan that realises your most ambitious goals. 

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