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The South African enterprise guide to B-BBEE compliance automation

Most South African companies appreciate the value of effective B-BBEE compliance. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that there’s a more efficient way to meet their compliance goals. B-BBEE compliance automation could be the answer to your compliance prayers. All those complex, time-consuming calculations? Scrambling to

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Breaking the risk paradigm: B-BBEE as an opportunity, not a hurdle

Research shows that B-BBEE compliance does not increase a company’s business risk over the long term. That raises an important consideration. If meeting B-BBEE criteria doesn’t increase risk, then, from a strategic point of view, managing B-BBEE becomes less about mitigating risk and, potentially, about

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Optimising your B-BBEE Scorecard: A cheat sheet

Optimising your B-BBEE scorecard doesn’t have to be a challenge. You just need the right tools, information and advice to unlock the benefits of a B-BBEE strategy that suits your business. First, are you an exempted business? If your business is thinking about B-BBEE compliance