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The one-click annual B-BBEE commission compliance report

The one-click annual B-BBEE commission compliance report

At BEE123, we’re always talking about the potential of B-BEE to produce value and make a lasting social impact. We see B-BBEE as an opportunity, not simply an administrative challenge. That said, there’s no getting around the fact that compiling your annual B-BBEE Commission compliance

B-BBEE or CSI- How do businesses create sustainable value?- article -bee 123

B-BBEE or CSI: How do businesses create sustainable value?

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment or Corporate Social Investment? These are often posed as paradigmatically different kinds of business initiatives, with very different goals and outcomes.  But thinking of CSI and B-BBEE as two entirely separate programmes isn’t always helpful. In many cases, it’s helpful to

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The SA enterprise guide to B-BBEE compliance automation

A criticism of B-BBEE you frequently hear in casual conversation is that it only benefits a small number of business owners. Or, more specifically, that B-BBEE is too focused on ownership, privileging a relatively limited group of shareholders. While it is true that B-BBEE can

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JSE Listed Companies B-BBEE Reporting Requirements Workshop

Annual B-BBEE compliance reporting is an obligation for all companies listed on the JSE. The B-BBEE Commissioner has published an Explanatory Notice providing guidelines for compliance reporting.The Notice becomes effective on 1 April 2021. Please join us for a FREE workshop where we will provide

Finding the right partner for B-BBEE bursary solutions - article - bee 123

Finding the right partner for B-BBEE bursary solutions

The Fees Must Fall movement was a wake-up call for even casual observers of South African politics. Whatever you think of the protesting students’ tactics and demands, it is clear that higher education in South Africa faces serious problems. Fortunately, it’s an area in which