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You’re probably spending too much time calculating your B-BBEE scorecard (and here’s why it matters)

B-BBEE scorecards are tedious, time-consuming, and highly complex. And it’s not just one person’s problem. Optimising B-BBEE performance frequently involves numerous key staff members, from transformation officers, to finance staff to HR specialists.

However, getting your scorecard right is also a critical compliance function. So do we all just have to bite the bullet and accept that B-BBEE compliance invariably is a time-intensive exercise? The simple answer is that there is a better way. Automating B-BBEE compliance enables businesses to calculate their scorecards faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

More time for skilled staff to do what they do best

And if that’s all B-BBEE software did for your company, it would likely be enough. The less time key personnel spend on labour-intensive B-BBEEadmin, the more time they have for other productive work.

In other words, the opportunity costs of not using advanced technology to calculate your B-BBEE scorecard, and relying on time-consuming error-prone manual processes, are considerable.

Powerful insights that inform strategy

But powerful B-BBEE technology does so much more. Digital tools that help you calculate your scorecard and automate the entire compliance process also provide deeper insights that enable you to develop more creative B-BBEE strategies.

So while you can’t wish away the complexity of B-BBEE compliance (after all, it’s an inherently complex process) you can make that complexity manageable, and even see through the complex data to make better decisions that drive long-term success.

What your scorecard looks like now – and what it could look like

To appreciate how B-BBEE automation helps you make better decisions, let’s take a look at some examples of how BEE123’s specialised B-BBEE compliance technology works in the real world.

Suppose you want to know your B-BBEE score. Instead of pouring over complex spreadsheets, you enter a few key points of data and the BEE123 Scorecard Calculate automatically calculates your score.

But now let’s suppose you want to enhance your score, or attempt a new business strategy. Do you simply proceed on instinct and hope for the best? Or do you spend innumerable hours trying to calculate the effect on your scorecard manually?

Using BEE123’s Scenario Planning Tool, you can take the guesswork out of your business decisions. The tool tells you exactly how each business decision will affect your score, at a click.

Scorecard compare

Now let’s take a step back. Effective strategy means making decisions based on progress over time. Do you have the data to determine whether you’re making effective progress?

The BEE123 Scorecard Compare module gives you actionable insights in an instant. Compare your scorecard with your previous year’s results. Or you can compare scorecards across divisions. Without wading through complex spreadsheets, you get an instant snapshot that enables you to immediately assess change over time, and to get a detailed picture of the B-BBEE status of a complex organisation. 

Efficiency needs expertise

Of course, efficiency isn’t very helpful if it takes you in the wrong direction more quickly. B-BBEE automation is a powerful means. But what are your business ends?

At BEE123, we see B-BBEE compliance as an integrated strategic process. Our powerful technology automates B-BBEE compliance, saving you time while optimising resources in your business. And our specialised data tools enable you to make informed decisions about where you are and where you want to be. 

At the same time, BEE123’s advisory team is with you at every step. We’re here to help you navigate complex legislation as well as harness your experience and network to help you achieve your most ambitious business goals.

Give BEE123 a call for a complete B-BBEE compliance solution, where efficiency meets expertise.

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