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The South African enterprise guide to B-BBEE compliance automation

Most South African companies appreciate the value of effective B-BBEE compliance. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that there’s a more efficient way to meet their compliance goals. B-BBEE compliance automation could be the answer to your compliance prayers.

All those complex, time-consuming calculations? Scrambling to populate spreadsheets and chase down documentation? There’s an easier way. B-BBEE software makes the compliance process much faster and simpler to navigate. However, not everyone is equally comfortable with new technologies. And not all compliance software is the same.

Why automate your B-BBEE compliance

Before we dig into the mechanics of automating your B-BBEE compliance, let’s cut to the chase.

Why automate your B-BBEE compliance at all? Perhaps you already have a compliance process in place, and you’re satisfied with the results.

The simple answer is that B-BBEE software completely transforms the way you manage your scorecard, and provides powerful analytics that help you make more informed decisions.

BEE software:

  • Saves time
  • Eliminates human error
  • Lets you make data-driven decisions
  • Enables you to test different scenarios at the click of a button
  • Makes preparing for audit quick and easy
  • Helps you determine where you’re overperforming and which areas need attention

I’m not a tech person, is it complicated?

B-BBEE software may be efficient, but who needs another layer of technology to complicate your workflow?

It’s an understandable concern, but in the age of user-orientated design, software has come a long way. Even for the most technophobic, a clean, intuitive dashboard is always going to be much simpler than wrestling with a spreadsheet.

Of course, even the most user-friendly software takes a bit of getting used to. And if you’re using technology to manage a complex process, you’ll want a guide to show you how to get the most out of it.

That’s why BEE123 provides full training and support to all our clients. We ensure your BEE123 compliance software is seamlessly installed and we provide comprehensive training to all users. And it’s not just about tech support. Our advisory service ensures you get the most out of the technology, helping you achieve your business goals.

Security matters

Don’t take information security for granted. That’s a good general rule, but it’s especially important when you’re managing confidential information, such as employee salaries.

Automating your B-BBEE compliance can actually be more secure than storing and sharing data the old-fashioned way. But only if security standards are adhered to. Don’t hesitate to ask your software supplier if their software is appropriately certified.

Does my new B-BBEE software integrate with existing systems?

B-BBEEtechnology doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Most companies already store critical B-BBEE inputs in payroll, HR software and other databases. In order to get the full benefit of automation, you need to be able to transfer that data seamlessly.

That’s why BEE123 has developed an API that makes integration with your existing technology simple, secure and seamless.

Does the technology meet the auditors’ requirements?

Preparing for your B-BBEE audit can be a substantial administrative burden. But imagine if you could automate the whole process? At a click, you have verification spreadsheets, with all the data your verification agency requires.

BEE123’s compliance software has a dedicated tool that prepares a verification pack designed to meet precisely those requirements.

Seeing is believing

At its best, B-BBEE software should offer secure, flexible automation that integrates with your existing technology. You’ll also want full training and tech support with B-BBEE experts providing strategic guidance every step of the way.

If that sounds good on paper, wait until you see what BEE123’s specialist software can do for your business in the real world. Get in touch now to request a demo and find out how automation can transform the way you do business.

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