YES123 assists companies with the facilitation, administration and management of their YES Programs.

About YES (Youth Employment Service)
The Youth Employment Service (YES) is an initiative that brings together businesses, government and other role players towards making significant strides in facilitating quality work experience for youths.

An important amendment to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice has now made it possible for firms to move between one and two levels up on their B-BBEE scorecard through YES participation, whilst investing in South Africa’s future by building youth employability.

Move up by 2 levels on your
B-BBEE scorecard with YES.


YES123 is a service offering of BEE123 that assists companies with the facilitation, administration and management of their YES Programs. YES123 offers a customised, holistic and turnkey solution, incorporating the following services:

1. Program Design
2. Recruitment
3. Hosting Facilitation
4. Training
5. Oversight and Feedback
6. Administration and Payroll Management
7. Tax/Incentives Optimization and Assistance


YES123 offers a customised, holistic and turnkey solution for the facilitation, administration and management of your YES program.

Program Design

At the outset BEE123 will assist you to design a customised YES Program. Following engagement sessions to understand your objectives and requirements, YES123 will craft a bespoke YES Program that is appropriate and strategic to your business.

This approach ensures an outcome that is value-adding for both yourselves and your YES Youth!


By incorporating appropriate training into your YES Programs, we are able to ensure that your YES Youth not only acquire an additional skill set, but are also able to perform better on the job. YES123 delivers work readiness programs as well as job specific training (if required).

Plus this will boost your Skills Development points on your B-BBEE scorecard.


Having the right YES Youth is perhaps the critical factor to the success of your YES123 Program. The recruitment of suitable YES Youth candidates is a vital first step in this regard.

YES123 provides an end-to-end recruitment solution including, inter alia: a range of assessments, screening, eligibility determination, suitability vetting, aptitude and skill set evaluations, geographic proximity to host and more.

YES123 will then present a list of suitably matched candidates to you for personal engagements and ultimate selection.

Oversight & Feedback

Given that YES requires a 12 month employment period, consistent oversight is vital. YES123 takes a proactive role in running regular engagement, monitoring and feedback sessions with your YES Youth via our technology platform.

Reporting is then provided to the sponsor and host ensuring you have your finger on the pulse of your YES Program.

Hosting Facilitation

Should you choose to not host your YES Youth in your own environment, YES123 can assist in sourcing an appropriate third-party business/organization to host your YES Youth on your behalf.

Our host partners are credible entities and are carefully vetted to ensure a quality work experience is provided. A variety of host options will be presented, ensuring strategic alignment with your requirements.

Administration and Payroll Management

We know that managing a YES Program is highly administratively intensive. YES123 will handle all the administration aspects of your YES Program, inclusive of YES registration assistance, payroll administration, document management and compilation of your file of evidence for B-BBEE verification.

Tax/Incentives Optimization and Assistance

YES123 will assist in ensuring that your return on investment is maximised through the various tax, rebates and other incentives that may be available.

BEE123, your trusted YES Implementation Partner!

The YES-BEE123 Technician Program

Need additional assistance, capacity and resources for the management of your BEE123 Software? Why not get a full-time in-house BEE123 technician via YES.

The YES-BEE123 Technician Program is a highly structured program that equips your YES Youth to get fully involved with the day-to-day running of your BEE123 Software System.

In addition to the value that your YES-BEE123 Technician will bring to your organization, the benefit that the Program will bring to your YES Youth will be immense. Not only will they gain an invaluable and relevant skill set, but also unparalleled experience.

YES123 will facilitate and administer all  aspects of the YES-BEE123 Technician Program:

• Recruitment of appropriate candidates
• Work readiness training
• Detailed training and capacitation on the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice
• Comprehensive BEE123 System training
• Excel training
• Ongoing oversight and management
• Regular update training on BEE123 enhancements and legislative amendments

Truly in-line with what YES is seeking to achieve and a Win-Win for all!


How the BEE123 Software System can assist you with your YES Program

The BEE123 System has been updated and enhanced with new features and functionality to systematically forecast, track and manage your YES Programs, including:

YES Calculator

This tool will help you calculate how many YES Youth you will need to employ to get your various scorecard boosts, such that you are in a position to determine cost and feasibility from the outset.

Subminimum Thresholds Tracking

YES boosts are only awarded at the end of the year if various subminimum thresholds have been achieved. The BEE123 system has real-time monitoring of such thresholds so as to ensure risk mitigation and timeous corrective action if necessary.

YES Youth Categorization

YES Youth are specifically categorised as such. This ensures absolute calculation accuracy in terms of how YES Youth fit into the Scorecard. In addition, it provides the ability to fully track all YES Youth recognition and activity.

Skills Development Functionality

The BEE123 system fully caters for the different treatment of training limitations with regards to YES Youth.

BEE123 is a 56% Black-Owned Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.