Navigating ‘Cross-Sector Procurement’​

Navigating ‘Cross-Sector Procurement’​

Cross-Sector Procurement is rapidly becoming the Achilles Heel of Procurement. In-the-field feedback indicates that many organisations, by default, are falling short of their Preferential Procurement targets due to ‘Cross-Sector Procurement’.

Primarily, those driving a B-BBEE Strategy must navigate their ‘Cross-Sector Procurement’ in a way that benefits their organisation in real time, as the overall impact of incorrectly evaluating or accepting a B-BBEE Certificate measured on an incorrect Code only becomes apparent at the time of verification. Today, managing an organisation’s Preferential Procurement mandate is possibly the most complex and impactful of all measured elements on a B-BBEE scorecard.

All organisations have two things in common, in that each organisation is both a customer and supplier. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether you are assessing your organisation from a customer or a supplier perspective when the requirements of the Preferential Procurement scorecard are introduced into the mix. The result is that the customer/supplier relationship shifts from price and service to transformation milestones and the B-BBEE currency, otherwise known as B-BBEE Bucks. These two factors are essentially what drive business decisions and customer/supplier relationships in South Africa today.

The Mail & Guardian TFM Transformer’s Forum, in collaboration with experts in the field of B-BBEE, will address ‘Cross-sector Procurement’ by presenting an array of acceptable outcomes for each Sector Code with useful references and special features.

This Forum intends to guide organisations in navigating their ‘Cross-sector Procurement’ relevant to the threshold of each Sector Code, as well as the Weighting and Bonus Points applicable, including the Preferential Procurement evaluation criteria of each Code. The core intent of this Forum is to equip organisations to successfully navigate their ‘Cross-sector Procurement’, either as the customer or the supplier, to meet required targets and/or to make themselves as attractive as possible in order to increase their value to their customer.


  • What is the B-BBEE Currency, otherwise known as B-BBEE Bucks?
  • How is Transformation managed in supply chain custody?
  • What is the applicable scorecard against which a supplier must be measured in ‘Cross-sector Procurement’?
  • Across all sectors, what are the Preferential Procurement Recognition criteria, which identify the value of a supplier?
  • When receiving a B-BBEE Certificate or Affidavit from a supplier, how can the customer confirm that the supplier has been measured against the correct Code?
  • Would it be safe to only procure from organisations with a Status Level 1 to optimise an organisation’s B-BBEE Bucks, otherwise known as Preferential Procurement Recognition?
  • What are the criteria which determine whether an organisation should be measured on a specific Sector Code versus the Generic Codes?
  • Can any verification agency issue a B-BBEE Certificate on any of the ten Sector Codes?
  • What qualifies a verification agency to issue a B-BBEE Certificate on a specific Sector Code?
  • What criteria determines whether a supplier needs to present an Affidavit or CIPC Certificate?
  • Are there different requirements per Sector Code that must be taken into account to validate an Affidavit represented?
  • When is a SANAS Accredited B-BBEE Certificate required or deemed invalid?

Join us at the TFM Transformer’s Forum.

Date:  4 June 2019
Time: 09H00 until 15H00
Venue: Emperor’s Palace, 64 Jones Road, Kempton Park (Close to Gautrain Station).
Cost: R1,975.00 per delegate, excluding VAT.TFM subscriber discounts apply.
Multiple delegate discounts apply.
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Each delegate will receive :

  • Three issue subscription to TFM Magazine
  • One month electronic subscription to the Mail & Guardian
  • ‘Cross-sector Procurement’ at a glance. An A1 laminated poster featuring all Gazetted Codes including their unique features.