Enterprise and Supplier Development Solutions

Sage BEE123 Enterprise and Supplier Development Solutions (ESD) provides emerging businesses with the necessary tools and fundamental skills that they need in order to run professional, successful and sustainable businesses. All of the solutions are web-based and enable ESD beneficiaries to run their businesses from anywhere, any time and on any device.

Sustainable, tangible and meaningful solutions for your ESD beneficiaries.

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WHY the Sage BEE123 ESD Business Bundles?

The high business failure rate in South Africa bares testimony to the fact that running one’s own business is an exceedingly difficult task. As the market leader for almost 30 years in South Africa, in the small and medium enterprise (SME) support space, Sage and BEE123 have assisted thousands of businesses to develop and thrive.

Our solutions are customized and structured to create maximum, tangible and quantifiable impact for your Beneficiaries, whilst achieving your desired ESD and SED points and includes:

✔Beneficiary sourcing (quality vetted)
✔Business Bundles for your Beneficiaries
✔Development, monitoring and impact reporting for your Beneficiaries
✔Collating all the required paperwork for BEE verification


Our Smart Business Bundle is just like a business toolbox for ESD Beneficiaries which covers key business areas and includes the following tools and services, all which can be packaged into customisable turnkey solutions:


Web-based accounting software has everything that a SME needs in order to take care of business – from sales and purchases; to cash flow; VAT and financial reporting. The features found in Sage One’s Web-Based Accounting Software, specifically, will support the ESD beneficiary every step in the business process.


The web-based payroll and Human Resources (HR)software is quick and easy to use. ESD beneficiaries can run their own payroll, even if it is something that they have never done before. This software is secure, accurate and most importantly, complies with the standards and rules set by the South African Revenue Services (SARS).


The Sage BEE123 Suppliers Directory is SA’s foremost directory of BEE-certified businesses, with thousands of businesses already listed. The ESD beneficiary will be able create a corporate profile serving to expose their business to other businesses that are looking for BEE certified suppliers thereby facilitating access to market. B-BBEE workshops and training are held for small black-owned businesses to ensure that they understand exactly how B-BBEE works; where they fit into the Scorecard and how they can practically avail themselves of the advantages and opportunities presented to them by B-BBEE.


The standard business bundle consists of a Premier Edition Online Tool (website development package) with a number of standard features. Together with the beneficiary, our web developers design a customised website that can also be e-Commerce enabled and optionally be hosted by Sage South Africa for a pre-determined period.


The Business Gap Analysis is a comprehensive assessment done on an ESD beneficiary’s business. This tool is designed to identify critical business gaps, in order to assist the beneficiary’s business in becoming more sustainable, profitable and professional. With this assessment, a full business analysis of the ESD beneficiary’s business is executed, covering a number of critical areas.


With our experienced and highly trained business coaches and mentors, Sage BEE123 can assist the ESD beneficiary to evaluate his or her own performance. Not only does it give reliable and valuable feedback regarding each individual’s strengths and weaknesses; it also teaches them new skills and behaviors to provide the right springboard from which business performance and results can improve through personal growth and development. Based on the results of this assessment, as well as the gaps that were identified, a tailored development plan will be drawn up.


Sage BEE123’s business progress and report intervention provide a continuous monthly or quarterly gap analysis and mentoring blueprint that assists in guiding, supporting and growing the business. This ensures that the ESD beneficiary’s business remains on track in achieving its targets and growth plans.


Hey-Jude Business Assistance is a comprehensive virtual business assistance and support service that provides the ESD Beneficiaries with a full range of business support as well as access to markets and finance. By offering full telephonic and online support, a business owner can access professional advisors, business mentors and specialists in various areas of an organisation. It further allows them to minimise the impact of mundane business pressures on their daily business responsibilities, so that they can focus on growing their core business.

B-BBEE for small business workshop

Corporate Sponsors:

  • Comed Health
  • Transnet
  • Novartis
  • Mercedes Benz
  • KBAC Flooring
  • DHL
  • Ethos
  • Gebo Cermex
  • Beka Schreder
  • DCD Ringrollers

ESD Beneficiaries:

  • vm refrigeration
  • Mazikenzi Recycling
  • L&M Removals
  • Well Maid Holdings
  • Identity Fund Managers
  • Yamama Gemmer
  • Dice Advisory Services
  • Schozen Cartage
  • Amestra Holdings

BEE123 is a 56% Black-Owned Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.