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    BEE123 B-BBEE Management Software

    BEE123 Software

    SA’s Market-Leading B-BBEE Management Software Solution. The BEE123 B-BBEE Management Software System provides a powerful and cost effective solution to B-BBEE making B-BBEE easy to understand, plan, manage and implement, whilst facilitating strategic and meaningful transformation.

    Sage BEE123 offers a complete range of software tools, directories, information, training interventions and BEE advisory services. As the market leader in the space, BEE123 is utilised by hundreds of SA’s leading organisations from multinationals, JSE listed entities to family-owned businesses.

    Trusted by companies of any size, in every industry. 

    BEE123 ESD Solutions

    ESD Solutions

    BEE123’s Enterprise and Supplier Development Solutions provides a Business Bundle to your ESD Beneficiaries with the foundational tools and skills they need to run professional, successful and sustainable businesses.Our customisable solution includes Software, Training, Support, Business Acceleration and Monitoring.

    Let us help you not only score ESD Points, but also create meaningful, quantifiable and lasting impact in your ESD Beneficiaries’ businesses.



    YES123 is a service offering of BEE123 that assists companies with the facilitation, administration and management of their YES Programs.

    BEE123 is an Authorized Registration and Implementation Partner of YES.



    Skills 123 provides clients with cost-effective, innovative and impactful solutions to navigate and implement the Skills Development element of the B-BBEE Scorecard.

    BEE123 is a 56% Black-Owned Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.