B-BBEE Management Software

The BEE123 B-BBEE Management Software System provides powerful and cost-effective software and services to track, plan, manage and implement your B-BBEE, whilst facilitating strategic and meaningful transformation. We offer a complete range of tools, software, directories, information, training interventions and advisory services.

Our turnkey Solution includes:
• Market Leading B-BBEE Scorecard Software
• Advanced Supplier Management & Directory
• Advisory, Consulting & Strategy Sessions
• Implementation & Software Training

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B-BBEE Scorecard Software – Features & Functionality

BEE Scorecard Calculator
  • Scorecard Calculator
    Calculating and understanding one’s B-BBEE score prior to audit is essential. With the BEE123 Scorecard Calculator this becomes easy. Simply enter a few numbers, and the software does the rest for you.
bee dashboard
  • Dashboard
    The Dashboard provides a totally live and real-time summary of your current B-BBEE scorecard achievements in the form of graphs and tables. This serves to create a very practical, visual overview of your B-BBEE achievement
BEE Scenario planning tool
  • Scenario Planning
    Prior to making any business decisions, the Scenario Planning Tool will quantify exactly how your B-BBEE Score will be affected should you take such steps (e.g.: hiring a new employee, spending money training your staff, supporting Enterprise Development and Supplier Development projects etc.).
BEE Gap Analysis
  • Gap Analysis & Own Target Set
    Gap Analysis and Own Target Set measures performance relative to specified targets (either those per the Codes or your Own) and highlights shortfalls or over-performance. In addition, it converts complex percentage targets into practical measurement indicators such as Rand Values or headcount targets.
BEE Reporting Tool
  • Reporting Tool
    Our Reporting Tool allows you to graphically depict your B-BBEE compliancy across a variety of graphs, charts and tables, serving as an invaluable aid for reporting on compliancy to management and visually assessing B-BBEE achievement.
  • Integration Tool
    Much of your relevant B-BBEE data will already be housed in another system (eg your accounting or payroll & HR systems). Moving this data across into BEE123 becomes easy with our Integration technology.
Empowering BEE Supplier Tool
  • YES Management Tools

    The BEE123 System has been updated and enhanced with new features and functionality to systematically forecast, track and manage your YES Programs, including: YES Calculator, Subminimum Thresholds Tracking, YES Youth Categorization and Skills Development Functionality.

Information Capture Sheets
  • Information Capture Sheets
    For B-BBEE audit purposes, granular level information is required to be provided. Simply capture your BEE activities and interventions directly into the BEE123 Software (e.g. individuals sent on training courses, employee details and levels, ED and SED Beneficiaries and contributions etc.) and this information will automatically be consolidated, tabulated and fed directly into the Scorecard Calculator. Voila- BEE done!

  • Document Management
    Getting your file ready for your B-BBEE audit needn’t be a daunting task. Collate and store all the required supporting documentation with our online Document Management System. No more paper based BEE files-create your BEE file online.
Advanced Supplier Module
  • Supplier Manager Module
    We all know how laborious managing the Preferential Procurement element can be. Our Advanced Supplier Manager Module (ASMM) is an automated system that helps you manage your suppliers on-line by tracking B-BBEE Certification validation and expiry. With access to our database of thousands of suppliers and the ability to invite your suppliers should they not be already listed, the ASMM takes the hassle out of the Preferential Procurement element, relieving you of the administratively intensive task of contacting your suppliers directly for their certificates and then capturing that information. In addition, the ASMM contains sophisticated sort and search functionality allowing you to easily identify your suppliers by category and monitor achievement based on the Preferential Procurement supplier categorizations.
BEE Consolidation Tool
  • Consolidation Tool
    The BEE123 Consolidation Tool allows for the consolidation of multiple entities or division’s scorecards, thereby ensuring that B-BBEE performance can be assessed at an individual or group level. Consolidation however is not simply a one size fits all aggregation process. The BEE123 Consolidation Module has sophisticated rules selection functionality, allowing for the user to determine and specify the appropriate consolidation rules and methodology given its specific structure.

  • Always Online
    • No installations hassles – simply login and begin your work.
    • No upgrades – you’ll automatically be working on the latest version of the software.
    • No data security hassles – your data will always be safe and secure.
    • Latest EAP Figures, Industry Norms, DTI updates and legislative amendments are updated immediately, when published, onto the BEE123 Software.

B-BBEE Advisory, Consulting, Training, Implementation & Support

BEE Advisory & Strategy Sessions
  • Advisory & Strategy Sessions
    An Initial comprehensive consultation session with our expert B-BBEE consultants will be conducted at your premises. During the session we will unpack and explain the Revised Codes, apply them in a practical fashion to your business (across all scorecard elements) to understand its impact on your Score, and then together devise an appropriate strategy.
BEE Review Sessions
  • Review Sessions
    Our interim Review Sessions provide monitoring, analysis and strategic guidance at specified intervals, assisting to ensure that your B-BBEE strategy, scoring and implementation is on track.
BEE Implementation
  • Software Training
    Our consultants provide detailed software implementation, training and assistance ensuring your BEE123 Scorecard Software is fully populated with all your data transferred from your other Systems (e.g. Payroll, Finance). We also ensure that all users of the BEE123 System are fully trained on its functionality and features.

  • B-BBEE Online Advisory
    Our B-BBEE Online Advisory service gives you online access to our expert BEE Consultants for your ongoing queries. So anytime you have a question about the B-BBEE Codes just pop us a query directly from your Software.

  • Technical Support
    Technical Support is provided to assist with all technical queries that you may experience.
BEE Scorecard Calculator
  • Pre-Audit File Review
    We will review your B-BBEE audit file prior to your submission of it to your verification agency/auditor, thereby ensuring best possible results and maximised scoring potential.

  • Post-Audit Advisory
    Post audit advice will be provided to you regarding any appeals you may wish to make on your preliminary rating, thereby ensuring an accurate and optimized rating.

  • Information Security
    Sensitive user information including identification numbers and salary amounts are encrypted when stored on the BEE database, ensuring that this data cannot be viewed except by rules defined by the companies themselves (who input the data). User Management allows you to control and specify what access the additional Users will have. Access can be controlled by Element, with ‘View’ and/or ‘Edit’ functionality specifications. BEE123 also has Two Factor Authentication functionality available if required.


A Market-Leading Solution

BEE123 are the market leaders in the B-BBEE Software and Services space.  Tried and tested in the market for nearly a decade, BEE123 is used by hundreds of SA’s leading businesses, spanning all industries and geographies across SA.

Contact us and one of our sales consultants will come through to demo the software to you.

Establishing and sustaining trusted relationships.

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

“The software has assisted our B-BBEE strategic planning, scenario planning, and day to day tracking and measurement of our B-BBEE initiatives. The software allows us to make timeous adjustments in areas where required. In addition, it helps you understand exactly what needs to be spent and thereby eliminates the risk of overspending on elements. We have also made extensive use of the advisory support services which is very efficient and professional. We can confidently recommend the BEE123 Software.”

Graeme Barnard, Human Resource Executive / Supergroup

“We have found the BEE123 System to be very user-friendly, well designed and feature rich. It has certainly added tremendous value to us through streamlining and simplifying otherwise manual and complex processes – especially around indicative scoring, scenario planning, reporting, verification preparation and consolidation. In addition, the service we receive from the BEE123 advisory, support and implementation team has been excellent. They are very knowledgeable, highly professional and always helpful.”

Sane Bukula, Exec: BBBEE Transformation / Telkom

“The BEE123 Management System and Software has been instrumental in assisting Ethos with its interim indicative scoring under the Amended FSC Codes. The pre and post audit meetings are invaluable and key to the verification process – this ensures that our verification documentation is submitted correctly and timeously. We have received incredible technical support and advisory service from Sage BEE123 during this time – staff are extremely professional and experienced – it is a pleasure to work with Sage BEE123.We have no hesitation in recommending Sage BEE123 to other corporate clients.”

Francis Mannix, Transformation Coordinator / Ethos

“The BEE123 solution has added huge value to the MMI Group by simplifying a complex organizational structure through the Consolidation feature – particularly under the JSE requirements for reporting. The BEE123 solution is a very powerful product, with many useful features, but also very simple to use. In addition it is always up to date with current legislative changes and requirements, which we find extremely valuable. The support, training, and advisory services we receive from the BEE123 team have been exemplary and delivered by a team of consultants who are well versed and professional.”

Advice Tibane, Group Reporting Specialist / MMI Holdings

“We have been implementing the Sage BEE 123 solution across 31 Hudaco businesses since March 2018. Thus far, it has had been a positive experience. Sage BEE123 has handled a complex implementation and training process across all entities in several provinces with professionalism and has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the current BEE legislative requirements. To date we have found the system user friendly and we are confident that it will help to simplify the day-to-day management of an otherwise very labour intensive process.”

Clifford Amoils, Group Financial Director / Hudaco Trading

“We make use of the BEE123 software platform to manage the entire B-BBEE process, including but not limited to, advisory, support and data management (ETL). We value the ability to view our consolidated information at a push of a button in real time. For a diverse business like ours this is hugely beneficial. Their advisory team has been a massive asset when it comes to optimizing our scorecard and their expert advice is crucial both in understanding our current status and charting our future transformation goals. As a company we can wholeheartedly recommend the BEE123 team and their software platform.”

Jason Peters, HR Manager: People Services / Bounty Brands

Trusted by hundreds of SA’s leading corporates.

BEE123 is a 56% Black-Owned Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.